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PhD Project

My PhD is part of the ERC MIMIc project of Prof Dr Laura Vandenbosch. The MIMIc project explores how young people mimic the lifestyles they encounter on their social media feed and in entertainment fiction, such as television series, and if they learn from the content they consume and interact with, including political content.

My PhD dissertation, entitled “Politics Undercover: Understanding the role of social media and entertainment fiction in the development of the political self in adolescents”, is situated at the intersection of communication science, psychology and political science.

The first aim of my PhD is to document through content analyses the political and moral messages in some media popular among adolescents: social media and TV series.

The second aim is  to explore through a panel study the potential relationships between the political and moral messages that adolescents consume and interact with on these same media and diverse political outcomes relevant for adolescents.

Key words

Content analysis

Social media and entertainment fiction

Politics, morality and personal values

Influencers, celebrities and athletes

Political self




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Additional Projects

Master's thesis

Master’s thesis

Gender Yes, but not only… Mapping Women’s Network of Political and Politicized Identities in the Brexit Content




Environmental communication

A Panel Study of the Relationships Between Social Media Interactions and Adolescents’ Pro-Environmental Cognitions and Behaviours




Media and well-being

(In French) An invited lecture on the MIMIc project and more broadly on media and adolescents’ well-being. ‘Growing up in a digital world: A project to understand the role of (social) media in the lives of adolescents’